I was so nervous when I first thought of selling my beloved Canon 750D - it was my first ever *proper* camera.

Kayleigh is taking an image with her new Fuji X-T30. She, and the camera, is framed in the reflection of a mirror, framed by a green fern plant.

From a young age, I had always been interested in films and photography, but to this day I still consider myself a true novice; photography is still just a well-loved hobby for me. Recently, I had been wanting something different. I wanted something a bit more compact, lightweight, and a bit of an upgrade from my six-year-old Canon 750D. My beloved Canon was my birthday present for my 18th birthday, and about four or five family members chipped in to buy it for me, I think I even put some money in for it too - I was over the moon when I unwrapped it, and I only had a few days to play around with it before I headed off on a self-funded conservation trip to India with my school, and I was in charge of taking images and putting together a film.

My Canon 750D has truly served me well. It's been to India, and a few trips to Iceland too! I've made short films with it, and it even helped me when I went through a phase of making Youtube videos (all which now have been archived, you'll be glad to hear!).

I chose the Fuji X-T30, mainly because one of my favourite people on Instagram has it - I LOVE Carrie from wishwishwish, and when I read that she uses the Fuji X-T20, I knew I just had to have a go at a Fuji camera! I loved that it was so much more lightweight than my Canon, as I wanted something that was a little lighter and less bulky - easy for me to carry around and won't burden me when I go out with it for a day.

I really want to get back into photography, for myself, and for this blog! I'm going on a trip to London soon, so hopefully, I'll be able to put the X-T30 through its paces in the city.

I've still yet to witness the full range of the Fuji X-T30, but I'm so excited to start experimenting with it and using it to capture the imagery for this blog.

Kayleigh x