We all love a bit of stationery, and as a business owner, I LOVE business stationery. Whilst all of these items aren't necessarily *business* stationery, they definitely help me run my business - I don't know what I would do without them! Here are my favourite bits and pieces of stationery that I use every day to keep my life planned - business owner or not, you'll be super organised.

Sighh Studio Weekly Balance A4 Desk Pad & A2 Quarterly View Planner

Where would I be without my Sighh Studio goodies?? I love everything on the Sighh Studio shop - they specialise in stationery, and everything they make is so intuitive and practical, and so well designed. I have the Weekly Balance A4 Desk Pad and it helps me look at my week, and plan for the week ahead at a glance. I often write down my main tasks for the day, and the pad has separate 'work' and 'life' columns, so it's easier to categories things and know what needs doing next. I personally love the 'get these done' column down the left-hand side of the pad. I like to put things on there that I can do this week, but aren't really important to get done in one day. It makes planning out a week so much fun, and it's definitely a piece of stationery that I couldn't live without!

The other item that I have from Sighh is the A2 Quarterly View Planner. This is something I've only recently bought, but already love so much! It's a part of a collaboration between Sighh and The AB Method, specialising the series of products for business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers alike, the range focuses on being intentional with your actions and time. One A2 sheet fits three months of plans, and I'm still in my first month of using it. I love that it helps break down your plans and goals into actionable steps for you to then go out and do. It's definitely a must for business owners!

Ella Iconic The CEO Of My Own Life Planner

This is my third year of having this planner as my diary, and I love it so much. The Ella Iconic brand is very sleek and has such beautifully elegant products. I use the CEO Of My Own Life Planner every day - it has a brilliant daily planner, a weekly overview and a monthly calendar for you to use, as well as a monthly goals/overview for you to plan and use, goal tracking, money tracking and so many more useful sections that have kept me buying this product for three years! Whilst the range is more on the pricier side of stationary - £39.99 - I believe it's such a fantastic investment. I use mine every day, so I definitely get my money's worth. It's so well designed and really gets you thinking about your goals and/or your business. I think this is a NEED for any small business owner, or for someone wanting to scale up their side-hustle.

Typo Stationery

Need I say more? I LOVE Typo stationery - it's always well designed, fun and spunky. They have such a large range of things, from notebooks, novelty pens, fairy lights, mugs, socks to reusable water bottles - and all at such great, affordable prices. I have so many products from Typo, but I mostly love their many designs of notebooks and their Artists Markers. If you're a small business or have a side hustle, and you're looking for fun, quirky and affordable stationery, you should definitely check out Typo!

And there you have it! There are some of my most used and favourite pieces of stationery that I use at the moment. I hope this has inspired or helped you if you run a small business or are working on your side hustle.

Kayleigh x