What To Do When You're Having A Bad Body Image Day

Bad body image days are not the best days - but unfortunately, many of us have them. Sorting through clothes, trying everything on but nothing seems to be working, feeling like you're disgusting when you look in the mirror, wanting to cover up your body in baggy clothes, and then being in a grump all day. It's horrible, and, personally, it really affects my whole mood for the day. So, here are a few things that help me get out of that bad-body-image slump.

Kayleigh is wearing a stone-beige dress and is holding a bunch of Bloom & Wild flowers. In the background there are bright yellow Rapeseed fields.
Image: Rebecca Douglas Photography

Take A Moment To Collect Your Thoughts And Feelings

How are you actually feeling? Are you stressed about other external or internal things? Having a moment to take a deep breath always helps collect some kind of rationality to my thoughts. I may feel horrible, disgusting, and like my body is going to burst out of the clothes I've put on, but taking a moment to try my best to disregard those thoughts is something I'm trying my very best to do when these feelings arise.

Whilst looking in the mirror and/or trying on clothes, all kinds of thoughts and feelings can arise. And when you're already having a bad body image day, these thoughts and feelings can turn even more drastically negative. A moment of mindfulness when things aren't going how we planned is always a good idea. Try and think why you are thinking this way, or try your best to disregard the negative self talk. It is difficult, and I'm not going to lie and say that all I do is not think about how I think I look fat in the mirror, and then it all goes away - because it doesn't. It takes some time and work, and repetition. But we will get there, and I'll be with you every step of the way.

Put On An Outfit That You Feel Really Comfortable And Good In

When I hate how I look in the mirror I usually just end up throwing on the baggiest top and my favourite pair of jogging bottoms to hide myself away. And yes, whilst I may be very, very comfortable in that get-up, I will say that that isn't my best looking outfit. And whilst I may want to wallow in my sadness in my very comfy outfit, I know it will only sustain my bad mood, so I make a decision and try to put on something comfy and something that I feel good in. For me, this is usually some kind of midi dress with a shirred bodice and a sleeve, because, 1) that means I don't have to shave my armpits or legs, and 2) I usually don't have to wear a bra with a shirred bodice. So we have ultimate comfort with effortless style, its the biggest win-win. Try and find an outfit that you love wearing, looks good, and you feel comfortable in - you can even use that outfit as a guide to build new pieces of your wardrobe.

Do An Activity That You Enjoy

Sometimes all we need is a little distraction and some time away from the mirror. Doing an activity you love to take your mind off of your bad body image feelings is a good way to shift your focus, and also do something that you really love! I usually take five minutes to just have a quick tidy of my room. Because my bad body image thoughts usually make me quite angry, I use this anger as fuel to just whizz around the room in a tidying frenzy. One thing I have been doing recently is colouring in, as it really calms me and all thoughts about everything and anything go straight out the window, and now the weather is getting warmer, I can't wait to colour outside in the garden. Whatever it is that you enjoy, the next time you are having a bad body image day, try doing something that you love! Maybe you can bake a cake, or sit outside in the sunshine, or like me colour-in. Sometimes all we need is a little distraction from our negative thoughts.

Ask For Some Reassurance From Someone You Love And Value

Is your partner, sibling or best friend always hyping you up? On your bad body image days, why not ask for some extra confidence? These people love you, and they want you to always feel your best, so indulge in some of that. You can send them a photo of your outfit, or ask for a little pep talk - as I said, they love you and they value you, so of course they want you to feel your incredible, amazing self! It may feel a little cringy, but asking for reassurance, especially when you're having a bad body image day, can make the whole day better, and I'm sure your loved ones will hype you up to the max! If not, DM me, I'll be your hype buddy!

I hope these actions will help you the next time you have a bad body image day. Hopefully one day we'll get to a point where everyone feels comfortable and confident in their own bodies, but for now, we march on.

Kayleigh x