Five Things That Help My Anxiety

One thing that I have learnt about anxiety is that it is a lot like the weather, sometimes you can tell what's coming, and other times it comes out of the blue. I have been having CBT Therapy (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) for about a month now, and whilst this is something long term that helps my anxiety, here are a few things that really help me with my anxiety when it happens. They're not a cure, but they help me manage and/or ease it whilst I'm having a moment. Also, my anxiety usually happens at night time, so most of these things I'll be listing are things I do close to bedtime. I hope they can help you too.

Big Fluffy Socks

I know this sounds ridiculous, but for me, it works! I have read that having socks on whilst you're in bed does help you sleep because it warms the feet and in turn the body and helps you fall asleep faster, so maybe that's all linked? And I don't mean just any socks, I mean the biggest, fluffiest, warmest socks you can find. I'm a little worried about how to approach this with Summer just around the corner, as my bedroom get stiflingly hot, but I guess I'll worry about that when it comes to it.

A Blanket Whilst I Sleep

I don't have a weighted blanket (I'd love one, but they're a bit spenny!) but that is what I'm trying to emulate by sleeping with a blanket on top of my duvet. Luckily, I like to be really warm, so I don't mind the extra layer of warmth. It's not a big or heavy blanket, but just a tiny bit of extra weight and warmth really helps me ease my anxiety, which usually comes at night time. And like I've said, I'd love to have a weighted blanket, but some of them are really expensive, and unfortunately, it's just not something I can afford to spend on right now, but one day hopefully!

Yoga Before Bed

Yoga before bed really helps me relax for the night. I love watching Yoga With Adriene for great yoga videos. I personally flick between this amazing 20-minute bedtime yoga video and this shorter 7-minute bedtime yoga video, it all depends on how I'm feeling and what I feel like I have time for. And if there are evenings where I don't feel like doing yoga, or I cut a yoga session short, I do, because sometimes I just want to go to sleep at 9pm, and that's okay.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation on the Medito App

Progressive Muscle Relaxation is something that my CBT therapist recommended that I try, and oh my is it amazing. Firstly, you need to download the Medito app on your phone - it's completely free! Progressive Muscle Relaxation works by tensing certain muscle groups whilst deep breathing, working your way up the body and bringing a deep sense of relaxation. There have been countless nights where I have fallen asleep whilst doing this in bed - it is so nice and incredibly relaxing. If you have trouble falling asleep, I'd definitely recommend it!

Listen To A Podcast

This is usually my last port of call when it comes to easing my anxiety at night time. I put my fluffy socks on, I do my yoga, I get into bed with my blanket, I do my progressive muscle relaxation, and then I listen to a podcast. My absolute favourite podcast is Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness. I listen to it every night. You might even say I'm obsessed with it... The only thing I would recommend is to listen to something that is easy listening - so for example, I couldn't listen to a murder podcast, firstly because I think listening to it at night time would set my anxiety off even more, and secondly, I think I would get too invested! Episodes of Getting Curious come out weekly, so as weird as this sounds, I listen to the most current episode every night for a week until the new episode comes out. A bit weird, but the sound of JVN's voice just really calms me down and helps me sleep.

I hope you can find some useful tips within these suggestions, and most importantly I hope they can help! Everyone's anxiety is different, so please don't feel bad if these options don't help ease your anxiety - we just need to find something that works for you.

It will get better.

Kayleigh x