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  • Kayleigh Cooper

Wild Deodorant - Eco-Friendly Deodorant | Product Review

I'm on a journey to live more eco-friendly, and at the beginning of this journey, I came across Wild deodorant. I found Wild on Instagram, and I loved their swoon-worthy aesthetic, mission, and now, their product.

My daily routines were something that I wanted to change - I wanted more eco-friendly, sustainable, and naked/no-packaging products. Whilst I'm still on that journey, I have already made a few significant changes to reduce my waste and footprint, but there is still a long way to go.

Until this point, I had never used a solid deodorant before - I've always used an aerosol can, usually the cheapest branded one on the shelf at Tesco, so I was a bit apprehensive of using a solid deodorant. Would it deal with sweat and odour? Would it be sticky or leave marks on clothes? Read on, and you shall find out...

About Wild

I love Wild's mission. Their mission is 'to shake up the throwaway culture of everyday bathroom products. Through our wildly sustainable products, we hope to redefine the future of personal care'. Another part of Wild that I love is that they offset their carbon - 'For every deodorant we sell, we will contribute a percentage of sales to our chosen climate charity 'On A Mission', to support their incredible reforestation projects.' We love a brand that is sustainable AND offsets their carbon!

First Impressions

My first impression of Wild deodorant was surprising. I don't usually buy things I've just seen on Instagram, plus I wanted to smell the scents before buying, but of course, you cannot do so. I went with the Orange Zest scent, as I quite like a citrus smell. I was surprised at the range of scents that they had on there. They have five scents, but they all differ wildly (no pun intended), so the option to choose one that appeals to you most was lovely.

I love good packaging, and when my Wild products arrived, I was excited. With a bright pink box and a bold logo, it's not exactly hard to miss. With a simple inside design and all recyclable packaging, it was looking good.

I liked the design of the applicator (I chose the coral colour), and it's nice to know that it's made from aluminium and post-consumer recycled plastic and is designed to last a lifetime. I LOVED that the packaging that the deodorant refill came in was made out of bamboo pulp and is 100% recyclable and home compostable!

The Deodorant

Now to the main part - the deodorant! I liked the citrus scent, but I've smelt nicer things in my life. I found it to smell a bit dusty (?) at times, but that might just be me?

The application of the deodorant was easy and straightforward enough - a few swipes under the arms and bobs your uncle. It did feel a bit residue-y and the slightest bit sticky, but once it's had a few minutes to settle in, I hardly felt any residue or tackiness.

I like to apply deodorant in the morning and then again just before bed, and from wearing it throughout the day, I noticed slight whiffs of the scent every now and then, which was nice! I don't really sweat much under my underarms, but I was left feeling dry, and the citrus scent stayed with me throughout the day - even during that massive heatwave we had a few weeks ago!

A Suprise Element

I need to tell you guys about this - I applied some of the Wild deodorant on my inner thighs, and BOI, it is incredible for chub rub! Never before have I felt such comfort, such ease when walking and it's a super hot, sweaty day! IT'S INCREDIBLE! Would I purchase Wild deodorant JUST for the chub rub benefits? Quite possibly!


I think the price is the only worry I have about this product. When you go from someone like me who buys the half-price £1.50 branded deodorant from Tescos and then to someone who would pay an initial £12 for the applicator and 1x refill, and then another £15 for 3x refills every two/three months, it's a hefty price jump. That could be up to £72 a year you're spending on deodorant (if you're going to pay for a subscription), and for most people, that's just something that a) they can't afford, or b) something they aren't willing to invest their money in.


I enjoyed this product (and the chub-rub benefits), and I love that its such an eco-friendly product, but is it accessible for a lower-income person? Maybe not. Is it for someone who would like to treat themselves every now and then or someone who can afford a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Of course. It would make a fab gift for a friend or relative, but as someone who is in the lower-income bracket, this isn't something I would probably afford every month. I'd buy it every now and then, but unfortunately, this isn't something that I am willing to commit to.